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All users of this site agree that access to and use of this site are subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable law. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this site. This agreement was written in Arabic and English. To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the Arabic version, the Arabic version controls. By using this site, you agree to be bound by terms of use set out below. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms, you should not use this site we may change these Terms of use and privacy notice from time to time and so you should check these regularly. Your use of this Site will be deemed an acceptance of the terms existing at that time.

We have the right to change the terms and conditions and privacy policy terms from time to time. You must periodically review these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We do not need to contact you directly or inform you of any changes to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as described above.

Also, as part of our commitment, we welcome all your feedback through our Contact Us form of any of the policies and conditions listed below.



Conditions of Registration

To access and use this site you must be at least 18 years of age (according to the Gregorian calendar) and with a full legal capacity. Anyone less than 18 years (according to the Gregorian calendar) needs to obtain the consent of his parents or guardians to use this site, and that by sending the e-mail address of the parents or guardian so that we can address them for their approval, hence, parents or guardians have to monitor their children’s activities and be responsible for the actions of their children as long as they are under the age of 18 years (according to the Gregorian calendar). In case we have been informed or we found with our own methods that the user’s age is under the legal age to create an account on this site, we will temporary halt the account till we get parental consent, and parents e-mail address will be demanded from the user, that according to the requirements of the law protecting children’s privacy online at any of the sites that are directed to children. If you doubt that your child takes part in any activities that collect personal information, and you did not receive any e-mails to notify you or request for your acceptance, please do not hesitate to communicate with us via e-mail.

By using this site, you recognize and warrant that you have the legal right and the ability to use the service in accordance with the law of your country or the country you exist in. For guided but not limited; the minimum legal age to use the service is 18 years for the Arab Republic of Egypt as well as Arab.

Using this site is at your own risk, and you agree not to post, raise, write, distribute, store, find or publish in any way, or cause to be published on this site either directly or indirectly through other sites any of the followings:

  1. Doing anything that would impacts on the operation or security of this site or causes illogical inconvenience or disables any of the other users or our staff.
  2. Transfer your account (including page or application you run) to any person without obtaining prior written permission from us that allows it.
  3. Applying any reverse engineering, reverse collect, dismantling, or any other activities that would hack the issuers or other formulas or computational processors code of the software used in the infrastructure and the processes relating to this site.
  4. ‘Violate other users’ privacy, or collecting any data and information about other users without their explicit consent, manually or by using any software or mechanism (spider) or infiltrating crawler or search the site or applying restoration, or uses of any devices or other mechanism to penetrate the web site and / or the platform and / or restore the index and / or data mining information operations.
  5. Provide personal or private information related to a third party, for example, but not limited to, family names, address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and/or credit card numbers.
  6. Broadcast viruses, subversive data, or other files that cause damage, malfunction or sabotage.
  7. Provide any contents or links to contents that exposes us or other users to the harm or legal liability at any way. (According to our sole judgment)
  1. Provide unlawful, libel, slander, or offensive contents to any religious or moral group. Contents with hardcore, pornography, obscene, indecent, or contains overtones, harassment, threats, violation of privacy and publishing rights, violent, sexy, sensitivities, fraudulent or unacceptable in any form.
  2. Provide content constitutes, or encourages, or provides instructions for a foul crime, or breach the rights of any party, or cause in any way in legal liability or violate any local laws.
  3. Content causes inconvenience or harass to others.
  4. Provide contents that are not owned by you personally without a legal permission from the legally owner of that contents.
  5. Provide a content that impersonates any real or legal person or causes in any way in a false claim of dependency to that real or legal person, including us.
  1. Provides undesirable promotional materials, political campaigns, ads, contests, raffles, or offers.

We do not assume any responsibility or acknowledge for any content published, uploaded, fostered, distributed, stored, or created by users, in any way on this site directly or through other web sites.

We do not take any responsibility for any content published, stored or uploaded in groups or interactive page (social pages) by you or by any third party, or for any loss or damage resulting from it, as we do not take responsibility for any errors, vilify, contempt, defamation, omissions, lies, pornography, or insults that may come across during your use of interactive page (social pages). Also, we do not take any responsibility for any statements, representations or content provided by users in any public interactive page (social pages). And users must inform us immediately to take the necessary procedures according to our discretion.

If there is an emerging complaint about content that a user has published or causes to be published, submitted, broadcasted, distributed, stored, or created, on this site directly or through the website of third parties, you agree to direct your complaint against the user only and not against us.

Considering capacity limitations of the servers and devices and the multiple use by many people at the same time, you are responsible not to use this site in any way that leads to sabotage or exceed the capacity of the server hardware of our network or any networks connected to any of our servers. As for example to do any act that would impose unreasonably disproportionate large load on the available infrastructure or bandwidth this site.

 Other Websites

We are not be, in any way, liable for any content, advertising, or product, located on or available in the other websites, and with the observance of laws and which cannot be excluded, we do not offer guarantees or commitments or obligations whatever to the following:

  1. With respect to the quality, accuracy, selling portability and suitability of a material, products, and services that available through other websites.
  2. Materials which are available through websites are not violating the intellectual property rights of any person.

Intellectual Property

Please note that the contents of this site, including but not limited to, the source code, software, specifications, pictures, signs, and audio files are protected by copyright laws, trademarks and other proprietary rights applicable. Based on the foregoing, it is not permitted to you to create any derivative work or any other amendments, without a prior written consent from us. And that you should not make any amendment to the copy we are viewing or printed in any way and you may not use any of the illustrations, photos, videos or audio sequences or any graphics separately from any text. And if you print or download any materials from our website, that means you breach these Terms of Use, and you must in this case, stop immediately and destroy any copies of the materials you have.

Users of this site are obliged to respect intellectual property rights of others, and we may remove materials that appear in our sole discretion as infringement of the intellectual property rights of others, and if you think that a material you own and is protected by copyright is being published or used on the site without permission, in this case You have to notify us and provide the following information:

  1. A detailed description of the material that you claim it is being infringed, with sufficient information to enable us to locate it, including the URL where the infringed material located.
  2. Must provide a statement and documents that prove that this material of your own.
  3. Your name, mailing address, telephone number and your e-mail.


We respect all the rights of the patient where he deserves the best possible psychological, according to all internationally accepted medical standards and considering the provisions of Law No. 71 for the year 2009 set out in Egypt on psychological patient care.

In compliance with the responsibilities prescribed by law and which cannot be excluded, we and all of our managers, employees, agents, or contractors, do not take any responsibility towards you as a result of any losses, damages, responsibilities, claims, and costs (including without restriction and without limitation legal costs and fees defense or settlement costs) in any form or manner whatsoever either directly, or indirectly, or as a result of, arising out of or due to the access to this site by you because of your reliance on the information provided through the platform or specialists or content, or other websites, or services of others, in any form, whether in contract, or damage (including negligence), law, or otherwise. We are not responsible for any damage caused by any of the professionals (psychiatrists, specialists or psychiatrists) regardless of if we have learned firsthand or been briefed our representative commissioner the potential for loss or damage.

We are committed to actively seeking to provide this site with all forms of logical care. Except mutatis by law, we assume the responsibility for the quality, accuracy and appropriate specific purpose of the service. We do not offer any grantees that the material contained in this site or any of the functions contained in or any of the server hardware will work without interruption or delay or will be without errors, free of viruses or bugs or work combatable with any other program or other material.


You agree to indemnify Us, and/or any of Our affiliates and Our and their officers, directors and employees, immediately on demand, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any breach of these terms and conditions by You or any other liabilities arising out of Your use of this site.



We reserve the right immediately to terminate Your use of this site if You breach or We have reasonable grounds to believe that You are likely to breach these terms and conditions or You otherwise engage in conduct which We determine in Our sole discretion to be unacceptable.


General conditions

If any court or regulator decides that any provision of these terms and conditions is invalid or otherwise unenforceable, such provisions shall be severed and deleted from these terms and conditions and the remainder of these terms and conditions shall continue to have full force and effect.

These terms and conditions and this Site are governed by Arab republic of Egypt law. Disputes can be dealt with by the Egyptian courts.

These terms and conditions apply between us and users. No other person is entitled to benefit under these Terms and Conditions.