Our Medical Services

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Primary Services

Psychiatric Clinic

At Al Mashfa we have a proven track record of success in treating different psychiatric disorders. We first recognize the symptoms of different disorders and based on results we develop specialized treatment programs that suit the needs of different mental illness conditions. Our team of psychiatrists assess, plan, treat and closely monitor clients’ disorders through daily one to one sessions, medical treatment and tailored nurturing activities. During our clients’ stay, our compassionate team of psychiatrists always put an effort to help clients who entrusted us to overcome their challenges and rediscover happier healthier lives within free from disturbing symptoms of psychiatric disorders.

Psychology Services


Our Psychology Department offers a wide range of services to inpatients and outpatients of all ages, all the services are handled by diversely experienced psychologists.

From different one to one sessions to therapeutic groups, music therapy ,art therapy, sports therapy, meditation and religious counseling.

The Psychology Department organizes lectures, courses and workshops to the general public through Al Mashfa Academy.

Day Care

Our Day Care outpatient rehabilitation therapy allows recovering clients to continue receiving medical and psychiatric treatment and to follow up on the healthy coping strategies learned during inpatient treatment. Our outpatient therapy services are ideal for recovering clients for treatment follow up, laboratory investigations and supporting their current living environment.

Physical Medecine

Physical medicine is the art of helping you relearn how to use your body, while improving your flexibility, strength and coordination. At the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department of Al Mashfa, patient care is our top priority since we work as a team of experts closely on restoring your physical heath and abilities in order to live a fit healthy life and perform your activities of daily living easier. Our physiatrists first create personalized goals and plans for each patient, then starts the rehabilitation process followed by close monitoring and examination to ensure pain is less, functioning is restored and the overall physical heath and abilities are in the best shape.


We have an Intensive care unit run by an integrated multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses. The unit provides intensive treatment for medical disorders and Liaison Psychiatry and around the clock critical care for clients who require constant monitoring, intensive nursing care and complex life support. We also provide safe, rapid and pain free detoxification for patients with substance abuse problems.


We have an upgraded laboratory facility at Al Mashfa using cutting- edge technology that have been engineered to provide broad-based assistance to all practitioners and our clients to make sure that the results are timely and accurate. We strive to provide outstanding laboratory services that you can trust and depend on. In addition to having a state-of-the-art medical laboratory, we provide investigations such as CT-Scan, MRI, Sonar, Echo, and Duplex by referring our clients to affiliated general hospitals with these services.

Other Services


Our pharmacists collaborate with the healthcare team at the hospital to assist in the selection, monitoring, and periodic review of prescription and non-prescription medications. Also, one of our main services is the administration of prescribed long acting injections every 2 weeks / 4 weeks / 12 weeks, to improve patient’s compliance and avoid frequent relapses.


Given in a controlled setting under the supervision of our psychiatrists and anesthesiologists . We offer Brain Synchronizing Therapy (BST) to patients in need who are suffering from severe disorders in which BST is indicated. Alongside using the most advanced BST techniques, we have a comfortable recovery room for hosting our patients after conducting their BST sessions. Our main objective is to provide indicated, painless and safest techniques for resistant cases to shorten the duration of illness and improve their quality of life.

Sleep Disorders Lab

Polysomnography or Sleep laboratory also called sleep study is a test used to diagnose sleep disorders. Sleep study records your brain waves, oxygen level in your blood, heart rate and breathing as well as eye and leg movements during the study. It is used to diagnose the following disorders: unexplained chronic insomnia, sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorders, narcolepsy and sleep behavioral disorders such as sleep walking and REM sleep disorders.

Dental Clinic

The Dental clinic hosts a team of highly qualified professionals offering full range of dental services. They offer the latest modern treatments using the most advanced technology and provide services ranging from routine fillings, endodontic treatment, crown, veneer, bridge restorations, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and specialist periodontics. In our clinic we appreciate the importance of prevention rather than treatment and offer the best advice to patients on maintaining excellent oral health.