Psychiatric Clinic Services

Psychiatric Clinic Services

Al Mashfa Hospital Services

At Al Mashfa we have a proven track record of success in treating different psychiatric disorders. We first recognize the symptoms of different disorders and based on results we develop specialized treatment programs that suit the needs of different mental illness conditions. Our team of psychiatrists assess, plan, treat and closely monitor clients’ disorders through daily one to one sessions, medical treatment and tailored nurturing activities. During our clients’ stay, our compassionate team of psychiatrists always put an effort to help clients who entrusted us to overcome their challenges and rediscover happier healthier lives within free from disturbing symptoms of psychiatric disorders.

  • General Adult Psychiatry
  • Child & Adoliescent Psychiatry
  • Old Age Psychiatry
  • Insolmnia & Sleep Disorders
  • Sexual Disorders
  • Marital And Family Counseling
  • Obesity & Eating Disorder
  • Women’s Health

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