Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor Facilities

We are focused on providing a relaxing and comfortable setting and amenities while you focus on your recovery.

Our outdoor swimming pool provides a relaxing place to rest in the sun having an ultimate experience with our entertainment personnel who tailor special water game programs.

Multi-functional Sport Courts

Our Multi-Functional sports courts can easily be converted from one type to another to accommodate the different hobbies and tastes our clients have like volleyball courts, handball courts, basketball courts , tennis as well as a huge football field.

Swimming Pool and Pool Café
The Garden and Restaurant

With 24,000 square meters of green landscape and clean air to isolate our clients from the dense population and pollution of the city to offer them silence and tranquility. Clients can enjoy group activities, art therapy and many other entertaining events as well.

The garden restaurant offers a small space to enjoy a healthy meal in a quiet environment with the trusted company of fellow patients and physicians.

Mini Sport

We have interesting mini sport activities like billiards, ping pong , baby foot as well as playstation area for those who are interested in video games all in a nice comfortable pergola located in our spacious garden.