Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Egypt is characterized by the multiplicity of sites for medical tourism. Tourism did not stop at enjoying the beauty of natural landscapes, but has become beneficial for both health and psychology. Therefore, Egypt tops the list of countries that encourage medical tourism, and the goals behind this practice vary not only between recreation, relaxation, and entertainment, but also extends to therapeutic activities.

As we constantly strive to restore health, rebuild life and revitalize hope for our clients, our newly integrated medical tourism service aims at early detection of medical and mental health problems as well as potential risk factors, and hence, their effective management.

Al Mashfa is proud to present its Medical Tourism packages to our valued customers visiting from abroad, offering vast tailored routine medical check-ups and assessments while enjoying the exquisite indoor and outdoor facilities and recreational activities.

Packages include:

  • Basic package: 3 nights.
  • Advanced package: 6 nights.

Services include and are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive medical routine checkups: including various specialty consultations. (Internal Medicine, Psychology, Physical Medicine, Dentistry, …..)  
  • Laboratory investigations: including comprehensive laboratory profiles.
  • Non-laboratory investigations: including ECGs, EEG, imaging.