Depression treatment program

Depression treatment program

Depression treatment program

  1. Pharmacological treatment
  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most efficient psychotherapy forms. At Al Mashfa Hospital, we tailor a special program for each patient based on his needs after accurate detailed history and evaluation of possible risk factors.

At Al Mashfa Hospital, each patient suffering from depression receives consistent emotional support as he/she begins to learn healthy ways to experience their mood and emotions. Our team takes a holistic, integrated approach to support client who suffers from depression in finding stability and peace in recovery. They also recognize that a long history of struggling with depressive symptoms can trigger addictive behavior patterns, and vice versa, which requires expert care. That’s why many patients require more integrated treatment for depression and other disorders.

Our program for treating depression encompasses the entirety of the client’s being as in mind, body, spirit, emotions and social relationships. Each patient also receives coaching and reinforcement in key areas of interpersonal skills, stress tolerance and management, reality acceptance skills, and emotional regulation skills.

One of the benefits of depression treatment is that the patient will realize he/she is not alone, either in experiencing depression or struggling to recover from it. We understand the importance of providing an environment that helps the patient feel secure expressing their experience with periods of depression without being judged for their disease.

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