Old Age Program

Old Age Program

We help the elderly to participate in various activities such as social, sports and cultural to improve the quality of life in general. A program is prepared for each person, specially designed for him based on his condition. This program covers the treatment of all mental and health problems and provides a happy, and comfortable stay for our elderly guests. Programs for the elderly include psychotherapy, cognitive stimulation, art therapy, music therapy and physical therapy to ensure that they remain in the best mental and physical condition.

We provide specialized and holistic assessment, treatment and continuing care for older adults (or those with similar needs) who suffer from a range of mental health problems including dementia and other disorders including depression and schizophrenia.

We at Al Mashfa provide an opportunity for seniors to get active, enjoy various social activities, and to improve their overall quality of life. Special programs are prepared for each of our guests separately that cover all their ailments and keep them healthy and happy during their stay.

Programs such as ventilation therapy, cognitive stimulation, art therapy, music therapy and physiotherapy all work to ensure their mental and physical fitness and their happiness.

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