Al Mashfa Residence

AL MASHFA Residence

Addiction is a complex disorder with multiple faces and therefore multiple treatment options. The length of hospital stay varies on a case-by-case basis. Brief treatment programs involving detox and supportive care may be effective for some people, but proper treatment of substance use disorders is a process that could last from months to years. While it may seem desirable to get through treatment as quickly as possible, research shows that longer durations of hospital stay lead to lower relapse rates.

The process of addiction recovery is unique and individual, and the length of hospital stay depends on factors such as the severity of addiction, level of motivation, personality, as well as co-occurring other mental illnesses, and therefore extended treatment may be needed. A quality treatment center will offer clients a personalized plan that caters to their needs.

Al Mashfa Residence is our rehabilitation center for addiction treatment. Our integrated facility guarantees a comprehensive, yet affordable, extended treatment program delivered by specialized doctors, psychologists and recovered addicts.

Al Mashfa Residence balances our premium medical and psychological care with affordable accommodation and price packages that include a variety services tailored to suit different recovery needs. This includes individual sessions, group therapy, 12 Steps Program, as well as other occupational therapeutic activities.