Social Skills Training

Why Social Skills Training?

Our social interactions are a large part of our world and of our daily lives. Each culture and society has different cultural etiquette and we are all very different in how we communicate with each other. Some have unfortunately not been properly prepared for how to interact in a social setting in an acceptable manner and some others have disorders that prevent them from being able to interact at all. Social skills training helps guide them to learning how to cope with social situations and how to interact comfortably with the world around them.

What We Provide...

At Al Mashfa, we provide our very detailed training by our clinicians on developing social skills in individuals who are lacking these skills as well as other communication skills. Each individual is assessed to know where they stand and how they are progressing and are always made aware of the best next step to further improve their social skills. Many of our guests benefit from a group therapy program which allows them to develop their social interactions with the group while others need a more private setting in one to one therapy sessions.

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