Anger Management Program

What are Anger Problems?

Anger is a natural emotion that usually stems from frustration or feeling the inability to proceed according to a person's values. It is not usually a problem that anger shows itself in people; however some people are unable to control how they manage the emotion and lash out in an unsuitable and uncontrolled manner. In cases like these, it is important to identify if the problem is purely psychological or if there is also a physiological disorder that needs to be addressed.

What We Provide...

Depending on the case presented, the Al Mashfa team provides anger management programs through individual or group therapy. Group therapy has the advantage of having an empathic group of like-minded individuals who know what it feels like to lose control and are able to support each other together. This may not be the best option in some cases and individual one on one therapy sessions are also an option. Patients learn different techniques of handling anger, be it inner anger or outer anger, and the various ways they can control and manage their anger properly without impacting their social lives.

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