Outpatient Clinics

General Adult Psychiatry Clinics

Our clinics are run by highly qualified experienced psychiatrists who offer treatment for various psychiatric disorders backed up by the hospital Psychology Department.

The service provided is a multi-disciplinary including Pharama Co-therapy and various psychotherapeutic interventions provided by experienced and licensed psychologists.

Child & Adolescence Psychiatry Clinic

Our unit offers integrated care for various disorders that affect this age group in a milieu designed specifically to meet their needs.

Physical Medicine, Rheumatology & Rehabilitation Department

Our Team Consultants comprise professional specialists in the field of Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation.
We provide the following Services:

  • Treatment of Rheumatic diseases
  • Physical Rehabilitation for musculoskeletal, orthopedic and neurological disorders for adults and children.
  • Adult & Pediatric obesity management.
  • Update Investigation: Nerve conduction & Electromyography studies.
  • We offer special programs for patients with chronic pain and sports injuries.

Old Age Psychiatry Clinic

This clinic is run by Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) including consultant old age psychiatrists, specialized nurses, psychologists, physicians, social workers and occupational therapists.

Our service includes thorough evaluations and treatment care plans for patients and caregivers. We provide care for both Inpatients & Outpatients having memory, cognitive & emotional problems. We use the updated effective programs and modalities of therapies.

Neurology Clinic

The Neurology Clinic is run by a Consultant Neurologist & backed up by a Neurophysiology Unit for necessary investigations such as EEG and Video EEG

Insomnia & Sleep Disorders Clinic

Our Hospital has a Psycho-Physiology unit and Sleep Lab enabling us to offer a full assessment of sleep disorders thus providing the appropriate individualized treatment for our clients.

Sexual Medicine Clinic

The Sexual Medicine Clinic has a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) that manages sexual problems from a psychological as well as a biological aspect in a confidential & caring atmosphere.

Marital and Family Counseling Clinic

This clinic is not only concerned with married couples but also relationship problems for couples and family interpersonal problems.

Obesity & Eating Disorder Clinic

This clinic is run by a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) including psychiatrists, psychologists, Dieticians & physical rehabilitation therapists who offer a tailored individual program for obesity and eating disorder.

Women's Health Clinic

We offer programs that provide education, support & treatment for various emotional & psychological difficulties affecting women across their lives; for example post-natal depression, menopause depression….etc.

Dental Clinic

We care about your Smile
Our Services includes: Root Canal, Crown and Bridge (Porcelain fused to metal and Zirconium), Removal Dentures (Complete and Partial, Acrylic, Vaitalium, Thermo Elastic).

It also includes: Dental Implant, Periodontology (Scaling and stain Removing to improve the dental hygiene, Pocket, Of Oral ulcers and gingivitis, Whitening, Oral hygiene education), Oral Surgeries, (Impaction of the wisdom teeth, Bone Craft, Extractions, Apesectomy) and Orthodontology (Canine Retraction, Over lapping, Crowding)

Healthy Living Programs Clinic

In this program we offer life skills training for Anger Management, Time Management, Assertive Training, Relaxation Technique and Stress Management.

Cosmetic Treatment Clinic

Beauty care has become to be every woman›s concern as well as aspiration, particularly with the current advancement and new technologies in the beauty care field.

AL MASHFA Plastic Center of highly professional beauty and health care experts, knows all about the BEAUTY SECRET and are offering the following services:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Laser rejuvenation
  • Tattoo removal
  • Spider vein elimination
  • Skin tightening and cellulite reduction.
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Acne light therapy

Al-Mashfa Contacts

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