• Electro Encephalography (EEG): both conventional and digital EEG
  • Polysomnography (Sleep Lab): It is one of the most advanced practical instruments in the field of sleep disorder today. The sleep trace machine is a complete Polysomngography lab. It can record physiological data during sleep and is used for diagnosing sleep and other related disorders as sleep apnea and snoring.
  • Nerve conduction studies and electromyography (EMG): To diagnose nerve and muscle disorders (numbness, weakness, nerve injuries etc….)

Carrying out the procedure

  • EEG takes about 1 hour
  • EEG and Video EEG are completely safe and painless procedures
  • The patient will be positioned on a padded bed or table, or in a comfortable chair
  • The technician will start by rubbing the scalp
  • He will then make some measurements using a tape and may put some marks using a marker pen
  • He will then fix the electrodes to the scalp to measure the electrical activity in various parts of the brain, a nurse or EEG technician will attach 16 to 20 electrodes to the scalp. The brain generates electrical impulses that these electrodes will pick up. To improve the conduction of these impulses to the electrodes, a gel will be applied to them. Then temporary glue will be used to attach them to the skin. No pain will be involved.
  • He will adjust the EEG machine settings
  • The technician will then ask to close the eyes, put your hands in a still position and relax. Try not to fall asleep during this stage.
  • You will be asked to open your eyes for a short while and close your eyes again among the normal procedure.
  • Provocation: while closing your eyes, intermittent flashes of light will be applied, the technician will also ask you to breathe slowly and then fast for almost three minutes continuously.

After the procedure

After the test is complete, the technician will remove the electrodes. The patient will be instructed when to resume any medications. The patient generally will be ready to go home immediately following the test. No recovery time is required.

Because the patient may be at risk for a seizure (especially if their medication has been withheld prior to the EEG), a companion will escort the patient home. The patient will be instructed as to when to pick up the result of his test.

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