Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department

Overview of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department

The Mission of our department is to optimize health and physical function of healthy individuals with physical disabilities, with the goal of improving quality of life.

Our Team

Our Team includes:

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Consultant as the team leader who puts the treatment plan for each client
  • Professional Physiotherapists
  • Personal Trainers

Our Services

Our department offers variety of services through Outpatient Clinic as well as Inpatient Admission:

Physical Rehabilitation & Rheumatology Services
Suffering from neck, back pain or having an illness affecting your activities of daily living we can help.

Our Consultants Team will plan the proper rehabilitation program for you case and well trained therapists will help you to regain your functional abilities through application of various therapeutic modalities.

Also our team includes consultant specialized in treatment of various rheumatic diseases, in addition, we offer special services including:

Nerve conduction and Electromyography studies

Plantar pressure for assessment of diabetic foot and various foot problems.

Obesity Treatment
Including Diet, exercises in addition to modalities for localized fat lipolysis and muscle toning.

Gym Activities
Whether you want to decrease you weight, build your muscles, maintain your body shape or increase your fitness, we will help you to achieve your goal through our training programs including flexibility, strengthening and aerobic training.

We Believe In: "True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are united" Alexander Von Humboldt

Massage & Spa
Feel Stressed, Need to Relax your Body, Mind & Soul?

You can enjoy a relaxing massage and have a heavenly break from the daily stressful life.

Also Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam are available, you can benefit from their effect in relieving stress, relaxing muscles and improving circulation.

Al-Mashfa Contacts

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Fax: +2 0554400924
Mobile: +2 01006422220
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