Outdoor Facilities

Al Mashfa focuses heavily on our patients' mental and phsyical health and always goes the extra mile to make sure our patients have the best medical services available. We also understand that the constant focus on medical problems, mental and psychological disorders and weaknesses in general is draining and difficult to handle and process. To keep our patients happy and make their stay something to enjoy rather than dread our entertainment facilities were prepared to acommodate several different tastes and interests of clients.

Multi-functional Sport Courts

Practical outdoor activities help develop a strong body capable of withstanding stress and has the added benefit of increasing social interaction, enjoying a natural setting and just plainly having fun. Our Multi-Functional sports courts can easly be converted from one type to another to acommodate the different hobbies and tastes our patients have. Our sports courts can be converted to volleyball courts, handball courts and basketball courts. We also have a tennis court available as well as a football field.

Swimming Pool and Pool Café

Our outdoor swimming pool provides a relaxing place to rest in the sun as well as an excellent place to train weaker muscles and joints. The natural resistence offered by water develops a passive strength that keeps the body healthier all around. The natural setting and green location makes even tiring excersices enjoyable and relaxing and the poolside cafe services our patients with excellent drinks and light meals to help keep them happy, healthy and energetic.

The Garden and Restaurant

Built on 24,000 square meters of landscape, Al Mashfa's magnificently designed garden covers a large portion of the location and was prepared for our patients to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the atmosphere. The green landscape and clean air isolates our patients from the dense population and pollution of the city and offers them silence in a deafening world. Bungalows are spread around the garden for group therapy, art therapy and other forms of therapy or just as a spot to enjoy the location.

A more exciting part of the garden is the outdoor amphitheater where we host entertaining events and have live karaoke nights with our patients.

The garden restaurant offers a small space to enjoy a healthy meal in a quiet environment with the trusted company of fellow patients and physicians.

Al-Mashfa Contacts

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