Indoor Facilities

We focus greatly on the health and wellbeing of our patients both in terms of mental and physical fitness. It is crucial when handling psychological and psychiatric disorders to maintain a healthy body and physical ability. The development of a healthy body helps develop confidence, focus and the mental strength to recognize and overcome issues of a psychological nature.

Health Club and Gymnasium

Our fully serviced Health Club and Gymnasium overlooks the spacious garden at Al Mashfa to help ease our patients during their exercise. The health club is furnished with the latest and best sports equipment to help focus training on specific muscle groups and develop our patients' strength and health. Our instructors and personal trainers are always certified by the highest authorities to deliver a healthy and enjoyable work out experience. With a focus on health above all else, the health club assures that each patient recieves the best care possible to achieve the best results.

Wellness Spa and Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

A place to escape everyday life and retreat into a sanctuary filled with soothing sounds and sensational aromas. Our experienced physiotherapists tailor all your spa treatments to your specific needs to help you to relax, rejuvenate and free your body and soul from stress. A sauna, Jacuzzi, and a steam room are also available to use during club hours.

The indoor heated swimming pool offers a relaxing way to unwind when the weather outside is not very forgiving. The pool can acommodate a large number of patients and gives them a nice place to socialize and strengthen their body.

Indoor restaurant

Al Mashfa's excellence in service would not be complete without a fully serviced kitchen and restaurant to complete the resort feel we provide. The kitchen is also staffed with highly experienced chefs who are very careful that their meals are filling, delicious and well balanced. They are familiar with the special needs of many of our patients and prepare a variety of well-balanced meal in addition to special diet platters daily. Their A La Carte Menu offers some of the best meals that you can only find in the highest quality restaurants and hotels.

Indoor Cinema

For our patients who enjoy the excitment of a good movie we have a large well equipped cinema hall with 120 seats to offer entertainment of a different sort. Our patients have gotten pleasure from our indoor cinema while relaxing from therapy programs for years.

Al-Mashfa Contacts

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