» What is psychology? What does it provide? How is it different to psychiatry?

Psychology in simple terms is “talk therapy” i.e. therapy without medication. It encompasses support, counseling, motivation, ventilation, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy etc.. It helps the individual to better handle and manage his life. It is based on a solid, trusting and empathetic relationship with the therapist and this relationship is the grounds of successful therapeutic alliance

» How do I know that I need treatment?

You will be needing treatment when you feel that your life is falling apart, when you are dysfunctional, when your relationships with all the people around you are negatively affected, when you cannot sleep/eat/enjoy life, when everyone around you comment that you have changed drastically

» What is meant by psychological services? What do they provide?

Psychological services encompass assessment, evaluation of the case, setting a treatment plan and conducting the set plan. Re assessment is necessary to make sure that the goals of the therapy have been achieved

» What is meant by cognitive behavioral therapy?

This is a technique typically used to treat depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, delusions, eating disorders, personality disorders, as well as many other disorders. The word “cognitive” means the mind, so we address the mind and try to change cognitive errors and negative thinking, which in itself affect the feelings and which in turn affect the behaviour. The word “behavioral” clearly means that were shape the maladjusted behavior of the individual

» What is depression? How do I know if I am depressed?

There is a big difference between feeling depressed and having depression. All individuals may feel depressed at times, i.e. experience some depressive symptoms, but not all individuals have depression. Only psychiatric examination and psychological assessment can tell if you are having depression or not