Letter from the Board

Al Mashfa Psychiatric Hospital and Resort is a life-long dream of its founders. A dream of an integrated Psychiatric and Rehabilitation Hospital that believes in "Mind's Health and Beyond". A hospital that can be a one destination for patients from all over the world.

We are proud of the services and opportunities that we offer to our clients. An honor that is validated with the high level of professionalism, competence and care that our doctors, nurses and all our staff provide.

Al Mashfa offers a new concept in psychiatric and rehabilitation care. The hospital's entire team portrays high levels of interest and deep knowledge about the specific needs of our valued patients, thus providing them with integrated services addressing their mental and physical health needs.

At Al Mashfa, we extend our integrated services by welcoming the patients' families and offering them our full support through our on-line follow -up, in-house workshops and counseling sessions. We also provide them with the appropriate techniques and knowledge of how to manage the difficulties they might face with their loved ones.

Our mission includes our commitment to train and educate young psychiatrists inside and outside Egypt, so we founded Al Mashfa Academy through which regular lectures, workshops, and conferences are conducted regulary.

Finally, Al Mashfa aims to achieve a better quality of life through ensuring the fulfillment of our mission of Minds Health and Beyond

Al-Mashfa Contacts

Landline: +2 0554400922 or 923 or 925
Fax: +2 0554400924
Mobile: +2 01006422220
Mobile: +2 01000083561
Mobile: +2 01200000603
Email: info@almashfa.com.eg