H.O.P.E & Dedication


Our motto in Al Mashfa is to provide H.O.P.E in all our endevours.

High Quality Service

Providing the highest quality medical services is the cornerstone of any successful medical facility, but that is only where we start. We provide the highest quality in personal care, entertainment and wellness services to help ease the process of recovery for all our patients and make their stay at our resort pleasant and relaxing.

Outstanding Patient Focused Care

Our patients are our main focus above all else. We hire the most qualified care staff who cater to every need of our patients and their happiness. The facilities available at Al Mashfa are geared to provide our patients with the largest range of possible activities that help make their stay relaxing and effective to their recovery.

Profession of Team Work

With such a large multidisciplinary team of the most qualified medical staff, we have turned team work into a proffession to assure that the team is able to communicate and work effectively, efficiently and in the spirit of team work and success. The Al Mashfa family has grown from success to success because of our dedication to each other.

Excellent Therpeutic Programs

Our programs are always evolving to include the newest and most advanced therapy models and techniques. Continuous development ensures our patients find the best care that can be found in the region, on par with the strongest international therapy centers.

Dedicated to Serve with Excellence

We at Al Mashfa have values that define our Service Excellence standards and keep us at our best for our patients' happiness.


We are very alert to the needs of our patients and families & we are keen about quick response. Our staff is on hand 24/7 and always responds to any needs of our patients and work tirelessly to address any needs before they arise.


We have mastered the Art of Psychiatry through a highly qualified medical team and an outstanding patient focused care. We endlessly improve our standards and information to always be the strongest provider of mental and psychological treatment in Egypt and the Middle East.


We develop bonds with our patients that allow us to work sincerely on their Mind's Health & Beyond. Many patients forge new friendships within Al Mashfa that we are proud to say last a lifetime and help our patients find hapiness and stability.


Being constant caregivers for our patients, we are more familiar than anyone of the difficulties faced by our patients and families. We always put our patients' state and wellbeing first and foremost and provide the most gentle care to ease their recovery and therapy.


Our commitment to the provision of excellent service to our patients is our prime concern and highest priority. The Al Mashfa team is prepared to offer sacrifices of time and effort above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our patients receive the best care.


Trust is never given, it is always earned. We pride ourselves on our reputation as a trustworthy caregiver to our patients and keep this bond close to our hearts. We will always keep this trust given to us by our patients and their families in the highest regard and wear it proudly as a badge on our chests.


Every Al Mashfa staff member from the board members to the medical staff to the janitorial staff always do their best to accomodate our patients. We rarely wait for a request to provide a service and always do our best to be one step ahead in keeping our guests happy.

Al-Mashfa Contacts

Landline: +2 0554400922 or 923 or 925
Fax: +2 0554400924
Mobile: +2 01006422220
Mobile: +2 01000083561
Mobile: +2 01200000603
Email: info@almashfa.com.eg